Haematology Controls

Diatron controls are specifically prepared for use with the Abacus analyzers to help check instrument performance and to ensure that laboratories meet or exceed their quality control requirements.

To assess analyzer accuracy and precision over a wide range, controls are available in low, normal and high levels.

Material is supplied in convenient 3.0 ml volumes in pierceable screw cap vials, so are compatible for use with both open and closed sampling analyzers.

All Diacon controls require refrigerated storage, and have a long unopened shelf life.


 Diacon 3 Haematology Controls

  • Made for 3-part differential haematology analyzers
  • Has got a shelf life of 105 day closed vial
  • Has 14 day open vial stability
  • Storage temperature 2-8°C

 Diacon 5 Haematology Controls

  • Made for 5-part differential Haematology Analyzers
  • Has got a shelf life of 75 day closed vial
  • Storage temperature of 2-8°C

 Diatrocal Haematology Calibrator
In order to produce consistently accurate results with patient samples, haematology analyzers should be regularly calibrated in line with the quality recommendations and especially following an analyzer service.

A convenient way to do this is to use Diatrocal universal calibrator material which has assigned system specific values.

  • Has got a shelf life of 45 day closed vial
  • Has a 7 day open vial stability
  • Storage temperature 2-8°C.

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