Alcor Chemistry Analyzer

Alcor Clinical Chemistry Analyzer is a Radom access Chemistry analyzer manufactured by Edif Instruments-Italy. It perform up to 175 tests per hour banking on innovative Hi Software
Alcor is a match between simplicity and innovation: the perfect solution for medium sized clinical laboratories requiring high standards of quality.

Alcor Chemistry Catalogue

Alcor is the analyzer of choice for hospitals looking for a long term vision for the clinical chemistry laboratory. It is a match between economy, simplicity and innovation. Made by Edif instruments, Italy- with a tradition for excellence and durability, Alcor is  the perfect solution for hospitals thirsty for high standards of speed and  quality.

Size: Height:  40 cm ,Depth:  67 cm  .Width:  60 cm, Weight:  32  kg

Reagent Tray: 30 Reagent bottles.

Sample Tray:   60 Sample Positions

Speed:         175 tests per hour.

Wash Station: 8 step washing for each cuvette;

Reaction Cuvettes: 80 washable BIONEX® cuvettes which allow 30,000 tests per rotor.

Reagent Refrigeration: Included for reagent long life stability

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