i-Chroma PSA

PSA is secreted by the prostate in the semen where its role is to liquefy the semen following ejaculation.Most of the PSA produced by the prostate gland is carried out of the body in semen, but a very small amount escapes into the bloodstream. The PSA which escapes to the bloodstream make what is called the normal range of PSA (0-4 ng/ml).

The quantity of the PSA produced is related to the size of the prostate gland and thus enlarged prostate gland will yield higher levels of PSA. Some conditions which may result to higher levels of PSA are;

  • Prostatitis- inflammation of the prostate gland
  • Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) (enlargement of the prostate)
  • Prostate Cancer

The PSA test is mainly requested for detecting prostate cancer, monitoring its treatment, or assessing its recurrence.

Measuring Range 0.1~100 ng/mL
Sample Type Whole Blood,
Serum, Plasma
CV <10%
Normal Range 0-4.0 ng/ml
Reaction Time 15Min