Abacus 5 Haematology Analyzer

Key Features and Benefits

  • Reliable –The long lifetime diode laser, diagnostic flagging system, and cap recognition feature ensures optimal performance at all times and prevents sampling errors.
  • User friendly –A large, color touch screen allows easy, fast, and efficient operation. The Abacus 5 haematology analyzer features a logical multi-lingual operating menu and the Windows-based software enables easy connection to a host computer and printers. Results are displayed with 2 histograms and 2 scattergram to provide maximum patient information.
  • Efficient –The Abacus 5 provides a complete 26 parameter report including optical determinations of the 5-part WBC differential count. It offers a closed tube sampling option and has a throughput of 60 samples per hour in either stat or autoloader mode. In addition, the analyzer has a 100,000-result database capacity.
  • Space saving –The Abacus 5 hematology analyzer is one of the smallest 5-part differential analyzers, requiring minimal bench space. This makes it an ideal system for use in space-restricted environments such as clinics and small to medium laboratories.
  • Cost Efficient –The Abacus 5 uses only 3 reagents to perform an analysis, plus a small volume of cleaner, thus providing a 5-part differential result at a very competitive price. In addition, this haematology analyzer requires minimal maintenance, thus reducing its operational downtime.

Diatron Abacus 5 Catalogue


  • Key Features and Benefits
    The Abacus 5 system is a compact, bench top, 60 test/hour, 5-part WBC differential analyzer with a cap piercing mode for closed tube sampling to reduce sampling errors and increase user safety.

Diatron Abacus 5 Catalogue

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