CLOT Activator Plain Vacuum Tubes

Clot activator tube is used in the blood collection for biochemistry and immunology in medical inspection. It is suitable for wide range of operating temperature. With special treatment, the tube inner surface is very smooth where high-quality coagulant sprays uniformly. The blood sample will completely contact with coagulant and clot within 5-8min. High-quality serum thus is obtained by later centrifugation, free from the cracking of blood corpuscle, hemolysis, separation of fibrin protein, etc. Hence the serum can meet the requirements of fast clinic and emergency serum test.
– Time for complete clot retraction: 20-25min
– Centrifugation speed: 3500-4000r/m
– Centrifugation time: 5min
– Recommended storage temperature: 4-25℃